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Wind Prison Module 'WPM' – telephony in prisons

Wind has been Norway's leading supplier and operator of telephony for inmates in prisons for the past 20 years. We deliver the specially designed phone system Wind Prison Module, WPM, usually with pertaining telephonic equipment and services, such as monitoring, interpreting and translating foreign languages, recording, charging etc. Our services are delivered as cloud-based services and are adapted to suit each individual prison.

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Crew telephony - prepaid or postpaid ?

Wind is proud to deliver important niche services to for this industry is Wind CrewTel - crew telephony - that employees are given a high quality telephony services regardless of where on earth they work. 

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As a telecom operator, Wind can also offer infrastructure

Are you a supplier of or dealer in telecom and computer products? With us you can use our infrastructure to expand the range of services offered within your brand. This is a good, fast and reasonable way for you to get more services to sell to your customers. Wind's infrastructure comprises a multimedia and a multi-service platform with charging and billing.  Our infrastructure is state-of-the art, with the very highest quality, interoperability, dependability and security.

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About us

Wind is a well established telecommunications company located in Bergen, Norway. Still, we act as Scandinavian service provider and distributes our customized communication services through dealers as well as directly to end users. We have clients in the public- and private sector, and work with them on long term agreements. Wind is privately owned by the employees.

Our Business idea

Wind is a dynamic and innovative telecommunications company that develops and delivers net centric services, billing and telecommunications traffic. We deliver, via our communications platform, bespoke products and services to other service providers within the telecommunications and IT industry, and directly to our own customers.

A key aspect to our services is that customers do not invest in a new telecommunications infrastructure within their own business. The investment has already been made by Wind, so the services are acquired by customers on a subscription basis, either on the basis of a fixed monthly amount or based on usage. The service is delivered via the internet. Wind is fully authorised and registered telecommunications operator, and provides services either as an operator, a service provider, or, just as frequently, a combination of both.


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Our opening hours are between 0830h am – 0400h pm.

You can also contact us per email: support@wind.no

Customer support

If you are a customer on a contract, you have access to reach us except opening hours, until 1100h pm. If you don`t have the phone number available, please contact us per mail.

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